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hey, this is imee (xxhellxx from the smelly boards..).. add? :)

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Hi, I found your journal through [ profile] qi_fans, and saw that you're from Telford too! I also saw that we share a few interests, so I hope you don't mind me adding you :)

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No problem, we share alot of interests! Someone else who likes Lord Percy - i thought i was the only one! (Although i do prefer him in Series 1 :D)

Plus someone from Telford who isn't a chav is such a rare occurance! ;D

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Hello. 'Tis Kuria (xdownhearted). I got a new LJ. SO if you don't mind adding me, add me! yay.

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I happened across your Livejournal today and found you most interesting! I hope you don't mind that I've added you.

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Of course not, although you may be disappointed; I'm not very interesting at all! ;D

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Hi! Came across your journal while looking through different communities. We seem to have a number of interests in common, so I hope you don't mind that I've "friended" you. :)

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I was told by [ profile] holly_cky that you signed up to the Cardiff Uni HP Soc. Well I'm on the committee and I'm Gryffindor HoH so I wanted to say "hi" *waves*.

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Oh wow, hi! I've been sorted into Slytherin, we're enemies!! :D

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Oh not, not another one! =P

[ profile] silvernatasha is also on the committee; she's a Ravenclaw. You may want to add her.

See you on Tuesday, I presume!

(I'm Emma, btw, a 2nd year in the school of Journo, Film & Media)

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Ooh I've met silvernatasha on The Student Room forum! :D Didn't know she had an LJ though, I shall have to add her.

Definitely, looking forward to it. :D And of the 3 other people I've met who have joined this year they've all been sorted into Ravenclaw! :o

I've met so many people taking that course in the last week, must be good! I'm a Computer Science student myself. :)

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Hey, it's [ profile] starmuffin - I decided to start over with a more private journal. Add me pretty please?

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and since you were one of the first you get a special Icon!:
Whee! I hope you enjoy and thank you for everything!
-[ profile] robot_club

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Hi :]
I'm a friend of Charlotte/Luminescing and I'm currently angsting over the comparative merits of Liverpool and Cardiff University. She suggested you might be receptive to the plea to tell me more about student life there! Any information (especially about gay places and arty things.) would be appreciated xxx

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Howdy! :)

Of course, happy to help! May not be that much help mind; I've still yet to really experience Cardiff as a city, I'm so bad at managing my time that I've spent far too much of these last couple of semesters doing coursework! Lol.

What I will start off with is that I do have a Scouser friend here who vouches for the fact that the nightlife is better in Liverpool, simply because it's so much bigger. But Cardiff is still amazing, I'm from a pretty shite town in the Midlands myself so it's been a wake-up call to say the least! Cardiff (as far as I can see) manages to strike the balance between 'happening city' and a town, in the sense that there is so much going on but all in such a small and safe area. I myself had Liverpool as one of my choices, but the fact that it just seemed so much scarier a place to live really turned me off it, where as here I've walked back from town to my residences at ~2am before and felt perfectly safe.

I shall direct thee here where alot of people are outlining the highlights of Cardiff better than me: The Student Room.

Anything you want to know just ask. :) I don't know anything about gay places myself though I'm sure there are plenty, and Cardiff has a LGBT Soc who would of course know these things! :)

Beci xx

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Thankyou! That's been a big help! (sorry I've been so slow responding to you, when I'm actually very appreciative!)

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Ooh specifically you'd probably find this page on the LGBT Soc website useful:

:) x

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Becster's new ID. :D Hope you add me back! x

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It's Siobhan - I secretly got a new journal. Add me? :)x

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Hi there!

I read your profile and see that we have a lot in common

Add me? :D

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Added! :D

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Hey I found you on the British Friending meme. I saw that we had a few interests in common and I always like more British friends. :) I hope to go to England one day. Add me?

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Added! :D

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Hi, I'm not entirely sure how I came to find your journal (I seem to do that often but oh well :) ) and seem interesting.Also I have an -almost- unhealthy obsession with Mock the Week- Russel Howard.
Add me?

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Definitely! I'm sure we must be in some of the same communities because I've seen you around. :D

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Misses Gudjohnsen terribly.
Ianto lover.
could go on. :)

Hope you don't mind the add.
and aww Pandora in your moodtheme. :)

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Don't mind at all, very much welcoming you into the bosom of my LJ! :D

*Adds back*!

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it is i, siobhan, and i am fickle with my usernames.
but i hope you'll add me back? 0_o

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Lol. You is the ficklest of the fickle, but I ♥ you for it. :D <3

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i promise i am done now! <3

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So um... I'm the stalking Gillingham fan that squealed at you in [ profile] crouchea's journal. I lack low league football flisters... mind if I add you? :D
Although, I waffle on a lot. And spam footballers.
Anyway, you have a Big Bang Theory mood theme which makes you infintely more awesome than I could ever be :D

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Hi! *friends*

I waffle a lot too. In fact, I'd go as far as to say I post far too much about nothing in particular. XD


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Hi there! It's Cassie here, Oz's friend. I thought it was time to get my act together and <3 LJ, and who better to <3 it with than you?! lol

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I'd usually comment with "YAY" etc, but omg Lucas AND A CAMERA? YOU CAN'T USE THAT ICON AND EXPECT ME NOT TO BE DED OF THE CUTE.


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*cough* They so just had sex in that scene. Swapping clothes?!?!?! I mean come on Disney, make it a little less obvious, please.


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Hello! Seen you around (mostly on [ profile] urawrd's and [ profile] oz_the_bobble's journals) and you seem like an awesome person. Can we be friends?

I don't have endless time for lj, but I am a big fan of Mitchell & Webb, live when at home about forty-five minutes away from Telford (just past the border into Mid Wales) and am about to start on the same uni course as Hannah Murray's on, if these things endear me to you in any way? ;D

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They very much do! I mean, I should probably be more excited about Hanah Murray and Mitchell & Webb, but a person who's heard of Telford!? BE MY FRIEND NOW PLS. :D

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lol, I know exactly what you mean - I always have to explain to people where my town is :)

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hiya :]
i'm chelsea. you seem interesting heh. we share some interests. i think we should be friendssss :D